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Why The Tick Key?


This unique, patent pending, design has been tested and perfected!
  • The Tick Key is responsible for the removal of thousands of ticks, of all shapes and species.
  • The Tick Key is fabricated from high-strength anodized aluminum. (Not a flimsy piece of plastic)
  • The Tick Key is currently available in seven (7) bright metallic colors: Green, Blue, Orange, Purple, Red, Pewter, and Black.
  • The Tick Key easily attaches to a keychain, collar, leash, saddle, zipper of a backpack…etc. It’s flat, so it can easily be stored in a wallet or pocket.
  • The Tick Key uses natural forward leverage to remove the entire tick head and all without touching or squishing the tick.
  • The tick key is 99.9% effective on the safe removal of ticks from people and animals.



Once you’ve located the tick, simply spread the hair/fur around it, and follow these three simple steps:
  • Place the large opening of The Tick Key over the tick.
  • Slide The Tick Key to the small opening.
  • Pull The Tick Key away from the skin.
The tick is easily removed…head and all! Remember to always disinfect your tick key after each use.