Know Your Ticks!

Ticks cannot jump or fly, but often climb grasses and shrubs in order to come in contact with people or animals walking by so they can attach themselves and feed on blood.

Ticks have the potential to transmit diseases such as Lyme disease. Most tick-borne diseases require the tick to be attached and feeding for several hours before the person gets infected. Tick bites are often painless at first and most people do not know they have been bitten so checking yourself and your pet for ticks immediately after being in an infested area is important.

Numerous species of ticks exist in the United States and worldwide, but not all species of ticks transmit disease. Seven of the most commonly found ticks in the United States are: The American Dog Tick, Blacklegged Tick, Brown Dog Tick, Gulf Coast Tick, Lone Star Tick, Rocky Mountain Wood Tick, and the Western Blacklegged Tick.

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